Valuations and Sale of Private Paintings.   Valuations and Sale of Private Paintings.Dunraven Gallery, sale of English Victorian oil and watercolour paintings, antiques situated in the Georgian City of Bath, England.  Dunraven Gallery
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Valuations and Sale of private paintings

Please note:  We do not do valuations of paintings or artifacts.  Nor do we do research on artists etc.
Please take your items to your local auction house and they will give you an assessment on market and regional values.  We do recommend you contact more than one Auction for a better general idea, as values can vary according to the markets and locations.

Also, we do not purchase items offered for sale unless there is solid provenance and an asking price for sale.

Please do not contact us for the above service.

We will, however, add copyright free images to our website of Artists other works for reference purposes only.

Thank you - Dunraven Gallery